Eustace Tilley Soon to Get His Union Card

The New Yorker and Fast Company are the latest magazines looking to unionize as the media industry feels more precarious than ever.
The New Yorker, which is organizing through the NewsGuild of New York, presented editor in chief David Remnick with a letter on Wednesday morning asking that the magazine and parent company Condé Nast voluntarily recognize its union. The New Yorker is the first, and thus far only, Condé Nast property to form a union. According to a spokesman for NewsGuild, there are no other efforts to unionize underway at Condé Nast.
“Our decision to unionize comes at a moment when much of what defines The New Yorker — its atmosphere of deliberation and care and its devotion to factual accuracy, careful prose and expert design — is vulnerable to competing priorities from our corporate parent, Condé Nast,” the organizers wrote in a mission statement. “We are determined to do everything we can to protect the health and the integrity of our publication from staff cuts and reorganizations handed down by corporate management without warning or transparency,”
Although The New Yorker has been largely insulated from overall cuts and restructuring at Condé Nast, staffers cited the threat of corporate restructuring — along with “job security, fairer pay,

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