Facebook Follow-up: Tracking User and Business Behavior

On the eve of launching a customer feedback tool to monitor bad behavior from Facebook advertisers, the social giant has revealed more about how it keeps tabs on everyone else.
During marathon testimony on Capitol Hill in April, chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg punted on some questions from lawmakers regarding his company’s handling of data and its approach to user privacy. Now Facebook has submitted those answers in a 200-plus page document that follows up on Zuckerberg’s testimony and was recently released by the Senate.
Naturally, the network gathers information on what happens on its platform, such as time spent and the sales it helps transact. But it can also go beyond its own borders to track user behavior on other apps and sites. A bit of code called a “pixel” allows the tech company to monitor actions after a person clicks on a Facebook ad, so it can supply insights to advertisers.
The data includes shopping and other activities and is collected regardless of whether the user is logged into Facebook at the time. The tracking extends to local interactions on the device itself, including mouse gestures, which can be used to distinguish between humans and bots. And if users sync contacts to find friends

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