How Can Technology Save Fashion? Clo Virtual Fashion Has the Answer

When it comes to the integration of technology and fashion, the focus tends to be on the retail experience. But what if the best use was to streamline the design process?
Simon Kim thinks this is the future, which is why he left his job in Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist six years ago to become the chief executive officer of Clo Virtual Fashion, a software company that gives users the tools they need to design more efficiently and more sustainably.
“Clo [the program] allows designers and patternmakers to make more accurate designs in less time,” Kim said. “It’s a way to design smarter. The fashion industry has been designing for the last 20 years [with the] same process. We’re having a lot of innovation in terms of supplies and retail, but not much on the design development side. It’s about time that we have a smarter way of designing.”
Kim joined Clo Virtual Fashion as ceo in 2012, but has been involved as a potential investor and adviser since its inception. The company was formed 10 years ago in South Korea, but now operates on a global scale with 90 employees.
WWD worked with Clo on the first-ever fashion editorial for Shudu,

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