Miguel Adrover Considers Selling Rights to Name

Miguel Adrover is thousands of miles away from fashion’s epicenters, but he is dialed-in enough to know his name still means something, which is why he may sell it.
Two months after staging “Death With Roasted Peppers,” an other-worldly installation of art and photography in Majorca, the designer-turned-artist is mulling over putting a price tag on the rights to his name. A real flamethrower in New York’s Nineties fashion scene, Adrover shuttered his company after financial troubles and retreated to his homeland to open a bar. Now “for a good amount,” he would be game. “That’s a good name, right?” he asked rhetorically of his signature label in a phone interview Tuesday.
The way Adrover sees it, he has created a philosophy within the industry (that involves upcycling, sustainability, organic production, environmentalism and social consciousness,) and that “should be out there” and put into practice. “It’s still very up-to-date. Vaquera, the designers in New York, made a T-shirt with my face on it. They sent me one of these T-shirts. I was thinking, ‘Imagine, these people have put my face on a top and I’m still alive and here,” he explained. “Yesterday I was supposed to have a Skype interview with American

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