Rebecca Minkoff to Present New Brand Identity During NYFW

Rebecca Minkoff dialed into a conference call Friday morning to explain the new brand identity she’s launching during New York Fashion Week. Something crystallized last season, when Minkoff decided to skip fashion week (partly because she was nine months pregnant, and partly because, given the political climate, a runway show felt tone-deaf) and link up with members of the Women’s March and some celebrities to share their stories and be photographed wearing the Rebecca Minkoff spring 2018 collection, all of it immediately shoppable.
“We realized we had an untapped audience of women who were looking for brands to become their platform for their self-expression and not just product-driven companies,” Minkoff explained.
The wheels started turning for her new brand identity and tag line: “I Am Many.” “It’s about the idea that we are many as women,” said Minkoff. “We have many different parts to our personalities. We’re multidimensional and there are many of us. If we can share workspaces, share car services, how do we look at collective success being something that’s shared?”
Minkoff took the rebranding beyond a new motto and fleshed out an entire manifesto, which lists the many things women can be — “Huggiver. Breadwinner. Runner. Smileraiser. Peacekeeper.” — alongside

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