Reebok’s Former Creative Director Thomas Steinbrück Talks Shop, Ready for His Next Move

IT’S ALL GOOD: Rejuvenating in Switzerland now that his two-year run as Reebok’s creative director is over, Thomas Steinbrück said he is gearing up for his next post with a European company. With that announcement expected to happen in the next few weeks, he was relishing some down time with his mother. “It’s so calm. There’s nothing — just mountains, quietness, cows, fresh air, good food and I sleep like a baby here. A week is like five weeks of vacation on the beach for me,” he said.
With Reebok, he lined up the collaborations with Vetements and Cottweiler, among others. He said he oversaw a 50-person team handling graphics, creative direction and colors, but was holistically influencing more than 100 people, including the design team for shoes, apparel and Reebok Classic, among others. Steinbrück said, “I loved what I was doing. I loved that brand. I loved the team. The people are awesome there. The story of the company is incredible. I learned a lot.”
He also imagined the interiors for Reebok’s new headquarters in the Innovation and Design Building in downtown Boston working with the architectural firm Gensler. His suggestions included open seating for employees so that no one is in

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