The Future of Fashion Hiring Is Fast, Digital and Diverse

Given the growth of e-commerce, retailers, fashion and beauty brands have responded by shoring up their ranks — from frontline sales associates to across the c-suite — with staff and executives who have digital experience and expertise.
The result has been a transformation of the traditional retail model — from a human capital perspective. This includes training and education taking on a greater role as companies respond to the digital demands of a consumer-centric environment. As a result, staffing agencies and executive search firms expect the future of retail and fashion hiring to align with a “digital-first” approach across the industry.
Additionally, in the so-called “gig economy,” contract workers springing from one job to another is only expected to grow. Meanwhile, last week’s job report showed that there are more jobs available than there are people to fill the positions. But economists noted that there’s a disconnect between the location and skills requirements of the 6.7 million job openings with those looking for work.
One thing is clear, though: as the digital economy evolves, the demands on the workforce are changing. Laura Ceccato-Chopp, global senior vice president of retail, fashion and travel at Aquent, said the digital transformation “has had a huge impact on

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