Wrangler and MyFarms Talk ‘Field-Level’ Sustainability in New Report

Heritage denim brand Wrangler published its latest sustainability report, conveying how field-level sustainability data can improve agricultural supply chains. The company wrote the report in partnership with MyFarms, a farm-management software company.
Its report titled “From Burden to Benefit: Sustainability Data in the Agricultural Supply Chain” is the second paper published in its Wrangler Science & Conservation series. Its objective is to present best practices for data privacy and methods for leveraging data analysis for growers, brands and other stops in the supply chain, as well as “to share learnings relevant to other food and fiber industries, including how to build trust with growers, and how to align the business interests of different links in the supply chain.”
Wrangler also announced that it will offer 125 MyFarms subscriptions to U.S. cotton growers, enabling streamlined measurement and reporting of sustainability data. The subscriptions will be available for the upcoming 2018 harvest season, with intent to aid cotton growers and U.S. cotton programs, including e3 growers, the Better Cotton Initiative and the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation, among others, the company said.
MyFarms is cloud-based software that helps growers better “strategize” their crop-management options. Via anonymous performance comparisons with their peers, metrics such as average

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